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Signs that You Need a Roof Repair

Jul 18

If your roofing system in Long Beach, CA is damaged, you might be at risk for structural damage with time. Here are the signs that your roof in Long Beach, CA requires to be replaced or repaired. It would help if you took them seriously.

Roof leaks

You notice stains on the ceiling. Roof leaks are the cause of cracked and blistered paint. Roof leaks can chip or stain the exterior paint. The roof underlayment will let moisture in if it's compromised or damaged. You may see water trails on the walls.

If you notice roof leaks, check the water entry points. You may need a professional Roofing Contractor Long Beach to inspect the roof.

Missing shingles

An asphalt roof can last up to 25 years. The shingles begin falling off. After some time, the shingles begin showing signs of weathering from exposure to harsh weather. Strong winds will make the roof bald since the shingles are loose. It's common for a homeowner to forget about the roof since it's always out of sight. For this reason, it's important to conduct a roof inspection at least two times a year or before and after heavy rains.

Recent heavy storm

Long Beach roofs are constantly battling against heavy storms and rains. Temperature changes and thunderstorms are your roof's worst enemies, as they will seriously damage it. If a recent storm has hit your area, have your roof inspected.

Sagging roof

So, ensure you get a professional Roofing Company Long Beach from Atlas Roofing of Long Beach to fix it.

Roof age

A roofing system that shows any signs mentioned above could be aging. Once we complete installing your roof, we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will last. So, once you reap the benefits of your investment for many years and your roofing system has aged gracefully, it's time to replace it.

Call an expert for Roof Repair Long Beach and Roof Replacement Long Beach.

The best thing to do is to get roof inspection services from a reliable company like Atlas Roofing of Long Beach. We will help you know your options and the cost of the project. So, call our Roofers Long Beach to schedule an appointment for a free estimate now. 

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