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Remodeling a Kitchen Rochester

Aug 8

Are you remodeling a kitchen in Rochester Rochester, NY? If yes, the countertop should be a key element in your kitchen’s décor. At Kitchens By Premier, we specialize in a wide range of countertop brands, including quartz and granite. We aim to give you the best value for your investment, and that’s why all our kitchen countertop Rochester, NY materials are from reputable brands. This post shares the benefits of our quartz and granite countertops.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Our kitchen remodeling company Rochester has noted a significant increase in households choosing quartz kitchen countertops. This is because:

  • They are tough and durable: Quartz kitchen countertops are slabs made of stone. This makes them hard and durable, a great option for the kitchen where you bang down pots, plates, and other kitchen essentials.
  • They are non-porous: Quartz countertops are engineered to create a nonporous surface. That means it’s resistant to staining and more sanitary.
  • They are easy to maintain: Quartz countertops do not need sealants or wax coating. Therefore, they require minimal maintenance compared to other materials. Besides, they are easy to clean, and you’ll not have to worry about stains that require intense scrubbing.
  • They provide a uniform look and feel: Quartz Kitchen Countertops Rochester are manufactured, hence looking and feeling uniform throughout your kitchen. This gives your kitchen a consistent style and aesthetically appealing design.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite is a top pick in our kitchen remodeling company Rochester. This is because it’s more versatile when it comes to blending with a home’s décor and design. Granite countertops also offer the following benefits.

  • They are available in multiple colors: Granite is not artificial; therefore, there are multiple types to choose from. Our kitchen remodeler in Rochester can help you choose a color that gives your kitchen the uniqueness you’ve always dreamed of.
  • The countertops last longer: Granite kitchen countertops Rochester are made from natural stone, so they can last longer than other materials. It’s also scratch and stain resistant, so you’ll not have to worry about hours of cleaning.
  • Granite countertops can be personalized: Besides being available in different colors, granite can be customized during fabrication. It can be tailored to your exact size and specifications.

Kitchens By Premier understands the value of every kitchen remodeling project. That’s why we specialize in high-quality materials that offer durability and add value to your home. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, contact our experts for the best kitchen remodel Rochester services.

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